When using published components as library nested components (hidden from publishing) breaks

I have separate file for components within the design system.
When using published library in other files I found out that the nested parts of the components that are not published (by using “.” before name of these components) sometimes breaks… They lose their color, icons are coming back to placeholders, buttons lose their overrides. Is there any solution that would allow me to have these components still hidden in assets panel, but do not lose their styling?
I saw that the practice with hiding the base components is a common thing, so I hope there is a solution for that.

hmm this is strange behavior! I’ve not experienced this myself, and it’s my first time hearing about it. I wonder if this might be a bug?

I’d be interested in trying to replicate the issue.

Have you noticed any patterns in what causes overrides to be lost? Is it when you drop instances with nested private components onto the canvas, or some other action? Having GIFs or screenshots or even a video recording to see when the break happens would be helpful!