When moving object to a frame, can figma re-sort the object to be inside the frame?

This is a frustrating issue for me. When I design objects in Figma, I have multiple frames, and I move 1 object from 1 frame to the other, the object doesn’t get inside the new frame. Sometimes when I paste images from the web into a Figma frame, the image doesn’t get inside the frame’s layer, instead, it stays at the top on the layers panel. For that, when I try to export the frame, the objects inside often don’t show, and I have to manually resort the object to be inside the frame, which is both frustrating and time-consuming. Is there any way to do it automatically?


The solution to this issue is that You have to select the frame and then paste the elements. So basically Copy the element and then select the frame in which you want it and then paste it.
When you do this then the elements will not be outside the frame but they would rather be inside the frame and you will get the perfect exported file.

I have the same issue and I always select the folder previously where I want the pasted element to be, but it always appears on the top. Boring for me too

I am experiencing the same issue. Is this a new update from the latest release? This is so frustrating.