What's your favourite way to share all prototype links from one project?

Is there any simple way to give prototype links to a client with all pages and even files from a project using Figma? Do you have any favourite way to do this?
I am starting to think to make a sort of title page where all the links can be listed, but it feels like I am overdoing it.
The main problem is I have a lot of files and pages and people often getting lost where these pages are. Even our project manager is getting lost with full access to our Figma files. I am trying to avoid creating any link lists outside Figma. I want this list to be updated in Figma somehow. Thats why I am thinking about a title page for our project with all links to all pages and files.
By links I mean only prototypes. Selecting a frame in working file and hit play button is overkill for any client. So I need to share only prototypes.