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What's the point in pages?

There appears to be the ability to make multiple pages in a figma project


According to this issue, it’s impossible to link prototypes between pages: /t/create-one-prototype-across-the-pages-in-a-file/228/57 (add the host name to the link to resolve this URL… forums don’t allow internal links for some reason…)

In my experience this gets really annoying. I thought I could make a navbar component on one page that opens up overlays then import it to another page. Turns out that it fails at opening the overlays (silently of course without any error) due to this issue.

If that’s the case, then isn’t it better to just have multiple projects rather than these fake pages? What’s the point???

I agree the term “Pages” seems a bit odd considering you could never actually have different pages or screens of an interface spread out across “Pages”, because as as you said, there is no way to link to these in a prototype.

I treat “Pages” as versions for my UI projects, or as categories for graphic design projects.

The point is to categorise and organise

I understand the point of Pages to separate designs into smaller bites. This is useful for allowing people (including yourself) to focus more easily on a single chunk at a time. Non-designers often have a much easier time navigating designs when they can flip pages vs pan and zoom across a canvas.

Where this falls on its face is when you want to use Prototyping, since Figma does not support the two of them together at all well. This was especially disappointing when I’d recently made a fairly large web app that I’d separated nicely into pages for stakeholders to review. When I needed to make the screens interactive, I had to reverse course and put every screen on the same page, so I could allow prototyping interaction between all of them.

I reported this issue to Support but it could be a very long time until it’s addressed.

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