What is the difference between Research and Discovery

Hey guys, iv been dueling with this question for a while, and whilst investigating, I found many blogs and information about this topic to be contradicting. I just wanted to know what you guys defined as Research and Discovery and how would you differentiate both.


Hi there,

Thanks for your post! It’s certainly an interesting topic. We’re eager to hear more about what everyone else thinks. Let’s wait and see how the rest of the community responds!


Hi, Martin.

For me, the difference between them is like the difference between:

  1. Purposely finding a cat at somewhere (Research)
  2. Finding a cat accidentally at somewhere (Discovery)

To make it brief, research is finding out something that you want to confirm intentionally while discovery is finding out something that you are not intentionally trying to find.

If we put it in real life situation in design:

  1. Research is looking anywhere for the right shade of yellow for your color scheme and then you’ll test each of those shades. But why are you looking for yellow though? Because you’ve seen other designs uses yellow with the same color scheme so you thought that “Ah! this is the color that i should look for”; and then
  2. Discovery is finding out that white is the right color for your color scheme and not yellow after testing it. It’s like “I think white aligns more to the overall theme of my brand than yellow”

Both of them starts with the same thing, a hypothesis: trying to find out the color for your color scheme, but one ended with the product you have in mind while the other one ended with the product that you suddenly cross with on the process.

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