What are problem with Undo in Figma? Too much press Command+Z

I feel its difficult to undo the action, the select action stack in action history, i must pess too much ⌘+Z to undo necessary action, not like any app other. Is there any way to fix this issue?


There is no action history but you can undo big changes that happened a while ago from version history: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038006754-View-a-file-s-version-history

I feel like this question is not addressed.

I have realised the same thing on Figma.
The best practice of using Command + Z doesn’t include the steps of select or unselect actions.

An example; you are on a page and you created a rectangle (1), and click somewhere else (unselect the rectangle) (2?). Figma takes these as 2 separate steps and you have to do two times “Command + z”, only then the rectangle is gone and you come back to where you were. The first “Command + Z” will only select the rectangle.

This creates the problem of inconsistent user experience compared to all other computer applications. I have never seen this type of an experience. To be able to come back to where I want, I have to use Command + Z a lot because of these unnecessary steps.


Once you get used to it, it’s amazing.

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You can vote for this feature in this thread: User Preference to include or exclude object selection in undo

No. It’s not amazing at all. If someone uses Figma 24/7 for even word editing and excel sheets then yes it is amazing. For the rest of us, it is super painful to have 3 unnecessary undo taps that were basically selection inside a selection inside a selection. This behavior is against every tool we use out there and also defies Fitts’ law and Jakob’s law of UX.

Not amazing at all

Can you please tell us what do you find amazing about it?

  1. If you click in the wrong spot while doing a complex multi-layer selection, you don’t need to start over (drives me insane in other apps).

  2. Moving around the pages and canvas selecting different frames, then being able to easily go back if necessary.

This gives me an idea for an improvement, I’m gonna add it to the active feature suggestion thread. User Preference to include or exclude object selection in undo

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