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User Preference to include or exclude object selection in undo

When I undo, I want undo only changes that I’ve made to a document, not what I’ve selected. I find the existing behavior to be unintuitive and counter to basically all other applications.

However, I realize some people like it the way it is, so we can we get a user option to only include document changes in Undo?


When I undo in Figma (history), it goes the whole way back though all the selections and edits, while I’ve never seen any app that considers selections as edits. This feels odd, and it takes much more time to actually undo real edits.

I’d recommend to apply undo only to actions such as “text edit”, “delete”, “move”, “group”, “create”, “color change”, “paste”, etc. But not to simple layer selection.

Thank you.

Agreed, it makes undo incredibly frustrating, and means i have to hit undo an unreasonable amount of times, especially if i am selecting my way into a nested autolayout. i just had to hit undo 8 times to undo an action i did to a complex component because i needed to select thru 7 nested autolayouts in order to get to the last action i just did. SELECTION IS NOT AN ACTION