Website Prototype Export

Hi all! Is there a way for me to export my website design and interactive prototype into a real site? I have tried some plugins but they only export the still images. On a side note, I’m a designer and don’t know much about scripting and so on.

Hi @Nisa_B, Thanks for reaching out! I’m so glad that you were exploring plugins in our community.

After a quick look around, I found a couple of plugins that might be just what you need. These seem to assist in converting prototypes to HTML/CSS, etc.

You can also explore more options! For example: Figma Community|"prototype to code" plugin search results

Please feel free to check out our community on your own!
I hope this information proves helpful! Please let us know if I’m missing any additional points.

I think there might be other community members who have faced similar challenges. We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to join the conversation.