WebGL issue / Three.js / Custom textures

Hello Figma team and community

We have been developing a mockup plugin for a long time

(plugin is in the top 12 plugins in Figma)

But after the latest update of Figma desktop version we have a bug. Custom textures in WebGL in color space unmanaged brokes.
This feature is critical for our plugin, as well as for the community (you can do a lot of useful things with 3D and webgl)

What we found out:

  • Works well in older versions of figma
  • Works well in browser versions of Figma
  • Works fine in the newer version of Figma if you change the color space to sRGB
    x Doesn’t work in the newer version of Figma with color space unmanaged

We’ve been trying to fix it many times in the last few days:

  • changing technologies (from tree.js to babylon.js),
  • tested in different environments (in the browser and other places our plugin works)
  • tried to change the color space of images

Nothing helps.

The last update of Figma killed our plugin.
Also it broke other plugins that use 3D technology from other authors:

These are the ones we found in a short time, the complete list is much more.

Do you know about this bug?
Will this bug be fixed in the future?
Is there any way around this problem, maybe you have an idea what we can fix?

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Can confirm. This update has broken lots of plugins.