Ways of working with modes and white label

Hi! I’m currently working for a small white label company with 30+ clients. I’ve been trying to find a way to work with team libraries and variables to be able to find a quick and easy way to view our app in our different clients branding. This would help us when developing new features, and with communication with our clients.

My latest approach was to use variables and Modes. By setting up our clients as different modes I could easily switch between them on frames, changing color, font, radii etc. However, we’re on the professional plan and limited to 4 modes, and even with the Enterprise plan and 40 nodes, it wouldn’t be enough when we bring in more clients.

Does anyone face here face a similar situation and have tried other solutions that work? Do we know why the cap is at 40 modes for enterprise? Am I going at this in the wrong way? Have previously worked with styles but I haven’t found how to switch an entire frame at the same time without switching the individual styles on components.

Greatful for input

Hi, we have had the same issue, and as far as I know, there still isn’t a usable solution. Figma told me that it’s something they’re looking into, but even if a feature like this is developed it would be for enterprise-level clients only.

If you are already an enterprise client then you could use modes (as long as you have less than 40 clients). Then you could set a mode per brand and have a single source of truth for your while label elements and components. I can only imagine how messy this would be when you have a lot of clients though.

Here is my method - Making of true multi-brand design system | by Pavel Kiselev | Feb, 2024 | UX Collective