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Visual artifacts/glitches started appearing

[image] [image]

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There are 3 of them in my team, all of them have.

The only solution I know of is to copy/paste everything to a new file as this one is corrupted. Not sure if that still works.

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Since yesterday everytime i get into figma this is happening and its PRETTY weird, anyone is having any issue like this?

Yes I have this in some files starting today

This error occurred when figma upgraded the audio feature. This error condition remains unchanged when everything is copied to a new file, such as this file.

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I have the same issue today, I would really appreciate a solution :grimacing:

I tried that, it does not work. It seems like it is Figma and not the specific file

Seen this 02.09.21 right before black canvas\presentation issue started

Sorry but this error still appears, I can’t work

I’ve had the same problem for the past few days every time I go to a file with a lot of content. Followed by my computer’s internal memory is always above 90% (over 10gb). I appreciate a solution right now.

Good afternoon, from about September 2, figma works very badly. Files with a large number of images are constantly reloaded, sometimes everything comes to terrible artifacts. I do not pass. Video card Radeon RX 580. What to do?!

Yamaguchi Xi - Figma 2021-09-06 11.35.20|690x368

Thanks for flagging this!

Since the suggested solution doesn’t seem to solve the issue anymore, please send over a bug report with as much context as possible to the team here:

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