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Visly + Figma

So Figma recently acquired Visly, which we had just started using as an element in our product stack for fast and great collaboration between design and engineering (front-end).

Does anyone know - from Figma or community alike - if and when they plan on being able to support something similar to Visly in Figma?
And in continuation (if they’re not, or if it’s gonna be years), do you have any alternatives working well with Figma?


Hadn’t heard of Visly or the acquisition (out of interest where did you hear about that?) As far as I know Figma doesn’t really have a public roadmap so don’t think we can tell when we’ll see the output of that…

What part of the app depends on Figma though? I can’t really tell from the website or docs. Does it just use your styles as design tokens or does it do more than that?