is inaccurate when ruler is on


When ruler is turned on, the value read from and the value written into figma.viewport are treated differently.




figma.ui.onmessage = (msg) => {
  if (msg.type === "set-viewport") { = {
<h2>Bug repro</h2>
<button id="set-viewport">Set viewport</button>

  document.getElementById("set-viewport").onclick = () => {
    parent.postMessage({ pluginMessage: { type: "set-viewport" } }, "*");

Bug Implications

I maintain a beloved a plugin that allows user to use a custom device to zoom/pan the canvas. It calculates the x and y difference the viewport needs to travel and apply it as user controls the device. The plugin replies on the accurate behaviour of the figma.viewport API. Here is a related bug my user filed on GitHub.

In addition, it think it’s a fair assumption that read the viewport and immediately writing back to it should not cause a drift, whether the ruler is on or not.

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Hi @Chuanqi_Sun1,

This should be fixed now! Thanks for flagging!

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Fix confirmed. Thank you :slight_smile: