Viewing Spacing in Dev Mode - Multiple Layers

Hey all,

I’ve only just started looking at Dev Mode and I love the way it displays layer padding and gaps between layers in auto layout frames.

I have noticed that Figma lets you select one layer, and shows it’s padding/gaps, and then hover over a second layer to see the padding/gaps for that layer as well.

Does anyone know a way to select all layers, or many layers, and see the padding/gaps for all selected layers? I have tried using SHIFT to select multiple layers but as soon as I do the padding/gaps disappear.

I’d like to be able to build up a view of all the layers that I want spacing for, screen grab it and send to developers.

Any ideas would be great.

Does anyone have an answer this or found a plugin? Our design team has been looking at this

But seems like it carries more work for our dev team. Thoughts?

Found this -

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