View all past comments / notifications

There’s no way to view ALL past comments / notifications. There’s a limit to the amount of comment notifications you can view through the notification icon.

I get a lot of comments in a lot of different files and so do the rest of my colleagues. Comments tend to get lost and buried. We need a better way to be able to sort through comments on a larger scale. Going through emails or slack notifs just to find a comment buried somewhere is just not the way.

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+1. For those of us who have deactivated email notifications for comments, the notification center inside Figma (or in the system tray of Mac or Windows), is the only (and preferred!) place to keep up with comments and notifications. But there seems to be a limit on the amount of notifications displayed, and anything older beyond that amount simply vanishes forever, and there’s no way to retrieve it.

I am getting tired of finding random old comments and having to reply “sorry i missed this comment!”. At the moment the oldest notification I have is 5 days old. God forbid I take a holiday!

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