Vertically skew a text field

pic 1:

pic 2:

I want to vertically skew the last option of the text field(pic 2) and show the same effect as pic 1. The goal is to indicate that I’m scrolling through the list of options. I guess I can slightly skew the bottom anchor points inwards to indicate the scrolling action, but I can’t find a way to turn the text into a type of component and properly skew the whole text without distorting parts of the letters.
Anyone has suggestions or a better way to do so?

Hopefully I’m wrong and someone else comes along with a way you can achieve this, but I don’t think this is currently possible in Figma! I think the best you could do is shrink the text slightly instead as it’ll give a similar perspective effect

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Figma could use some text transform tools in general, such as bend, taper, follow spline and more.

Thank you! I was able to use your keywords and found a useful tutorial:


You are correct. The key is to turn the text into an image so we can shrink the whole thing properly. Thank you!