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Vertical scrolling as Adobe xD

I love Figma for a lot of reasons, but there is one thing I’m struggling with.

In Adobe xD, when you want to make (for example) a projet of 1920*1080, with a vertical scroll, you juste have to activate vertical scrolling and set the viewport height (in this example, the viewport is 1080). This displays a blue lign which separates above the fold and below the fold (see image 1).

In this way, I can expand my frame while seeing all of my projects. In presentation mode, the prototype is displayed with the viewport height (1080).

Image 1 :

But in Figma, this is much more complicated (or I just don’t use this how I’m supposed to, and a little help is welcome).

The best solution I found in Figma is to create a first frame of 1920*1080 with vertical scrolling, and then in this frame, create another frame with the height I want. All of the fixed objects are include in the first and main frame.

Moreover, this include to have all of my content not displayed with my final background. If I want this, I have to expand my pincipal frame while designing and set the correct viewport height while presenting.

I think Figma can get even better with this little fix.

I think the easiest way is to just set your prototype to a custom size of 1920x1080. Then any oversized frames will automatically scroll as you expect. No need to activate scrolling.

Holy… I found what you meant, thank you for the help. I don’t know why but I did not think to look out here…

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