Version history doesn't recover deleted local variable

Randomly, all the variables on one of my collection dissapeared without me deleting them.

I tried to recover previous versions of the file but even tho going back to a point where I’m 100% sure the variable existed, the local collection is still empty.

Has this happen to you? Any idea how I can recover deleted variables?

Hi Jenny_DeJesus, thanks for reaching out to the community!
This looks odd, when was the last date and time you saw the variables in the master library?
Can you reach out directly to the support team so they can investigate further this issue here: ?
Please include the URL of the library file, and add as an editor on this file, and forward a screenshot of a layer in one of the files that has one of the variables attached. (Please ensure to include the full Figma screen including the left and right hand panels so we can see the exact name of the layers and properties, and file names you are working on). Thank you

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