Version history & Annotations

I had the opportunity to test the new Dev Mode. I like that there are sections that allow you to mark what is ready for development, which can also be seen in dev mode. I also like the feature to compare changes in the project.
However, the description in the version history where you can enter what has been changed or added is insufficient. The possibility to add active links (e.g., with tickets from Jira) is missing. Still, to describe all the changes in the project on the frames, we have to stick annotated cards and arrows to show what has changed. This is needed because we can add more extensive descriptions and links to Jira. What do you think to add such a feature of sticky annotations that would be linked to given versions in the version history and add possibility to paste links to version history description? That would be great.

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Hey @dominikp1, I’ve shared your feedback with the team.