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Variants in prototypes not sticking

The interactive variants are not displaying the overrides I set, when presenting

Component A has variant named hover.
The component contains dates, so I change the date in the components default variant, and also in the hover variant. When I change between the two in editor, the date override sticks. But when I present, the hover variant, resets to the default date text.

Shouldn’t it stick?

Hi @Christian_Leon_Christensen - that sounds like a bug. Could you share a file with me via DM? You can make sure I have access by inviting me at A video of the bug occurring would also be very helpful so we know where to look. Thank you!

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Same issue, although maybe making it complicated for myself – I have a component with 2 states (Active and Inactive), in one variant I want to override the “Label” field to use the same label in both states.

In a separate variant I want the labels to be different between states (in this case deliberately mis-matching the text layer names “Short Label” and “Long Label”.

I create instances of both Variants and apply the text overrides – it all works on the canvas, I can switch back-and-forth between the states on multiple instances and the different button and state labels are retained.

BUT it’s simply not working when I Present the Prototype, with the “Active” state of both Variants switching to the original “Label” placeholder text.

Sure, I’ll do it over the day. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get notifications on a reply on email for some reason. Maybe it got caught by the spamfilter.