Variant Property Value - can I order by first letter?


sooo, I’ve made a component for my icons that I will use throughout my designs. This component grows with time, adding new icons. Each icon has its own Value, a name.

Is there a way to order them by the first letter? So whenever I add a new one, instead of having them scrambeled all over, to keep everything easy to find. To make it more easy to understant, the icons are medical services and they tend to be specific, like each part of the body has its own unique icon. Finding them by name would be easyer.


Hey - would a plugin like this help?

That may be a good one to utilize for sorting purposes, but maybe not in the specific way you want – at the moment, I can’t think of a native way to organize (but I welcome anyone in the community to hop in if they have an answer to share).

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Amazing, thanks a lot. It worked perfectly.