Variables & Widgets

Hi All,

I’m looking to solve a problem using variables but it’s unclear to me if i’ll be able to (I’m trying to get access to variables via getting an enterprise account, but i dont have the upgraded account yet so i cant test this myself just now).

The objective I had was to change a image using variables, but its clear you cant use variables to change an image source today.

My backup idea was to build a widget that uses the plugins api to access the variables in the page.

It seems i can do this, but what i don’t know is will my widget get notified of any changes when variables on the page update? It would be ideal that if a widget depends on a variable, that when the variable changes the widget automatically re-renders.

I intend to use this as an embed on a public page, so the visitors wont be able to trigger the re-render, so ideally I can rely on the widget to do this on its own.

If anyone from Figma is reading this, the ability to change an image source via the REST API would also resolve this…