Variables on font sizes

wow, that’s a great workaround. Thanks for sharing that. But since I am using a Design System, I’d not like to break my design system font structure just to make this happens. I’d prefere to wait until the Figma team launch support for the font variables.

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cant wait , this is going to help a lot :smile:

Crossing fingers for Figma implementing this ASAP! This will be a game-changer in design systems, definitely.

Hopeful this will be released soon! Patiently waiting as well…

Same here, hoping for this as a christmas present… :gift::christmas_tree:

I’m having trouble getting this to work. Is there a more detailed explanation somewhere?

I hope Variables can be applied to font size, I think it is very necessary and effective to be able to switch responsive easily. I think Variables can do more than that. Thank you. Best regards!

Anxiously waiting for this feature.

Also being able to use calculations would be great fi: you set a base font size variable of let’s say 18 pixels and a scale variable of 1.3. the value of the h6 variable would then be: [baseFontSize] * [modifier], the value of h5: [h6] * [modifier] and so on


Hey Figma team - any updates on this update? This would simplify a lot of our design system component management work

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Any updates on this? Rolling out a design system for a fortune 500 company moving from XD to Figma where 6-7 agencies or more will be accessing. It feels stupid to vocalise the use of these components without this feature. Do you have a timeline? Was hoping for Jan 01 2024 :slight_smile:

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@KWI yeah doesn’t work for me either. How do you connect the variable to the variant (typing doesn’t work).

Fingers crossed for 2024 rollout :crossed_fingers:t3:

Wait, this isn’t a thing yet? I think I’ll keep on not using variables then :man_shrugging:

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Waiting for this important feature comes soon. Today the web design industry understand a lot of CSS. All about typography is basic and essential in this knowledge field. Media Queries, variables, fluid typography (min, max, clamp). I really hope the font-size box for fonts in Figma enables variables values this year.

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It’s unreal that this is not here already.


In our agency, we continually postpone some of our design system refactorings due to the long-awaited absence of this feature.


I agree with others. Such an important feature!!! For preparing responsive designs I need to be able to use variables at least for text size – or - better option - be able to use variables on switching between text styles. Please <3

Push! For responsive prototyping a must-have!

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Hey Figma team!
Are there any news on when variables will support typography? I share the issue with many other designers here, in the sense that I am building a design system for a big client (soon it will be 2) and we decided to go with the Figma variables (which I LOVE btw!!!) and to not use any plugins. Our decision was based on the claim, that the necessary typography support would come towards the end of 2023. I knew, that it would be unrealistic, that this target would be hit exactly, but now it is February 24 and there still are no news. It would be helpful to get some kind of timeline so that companies and designers can plan and decide how to proceed. So in case there are ANY news or a rough timeline, I would highly appreciate it! Thanks so much in advance <3