Variables missing basic and critical use cases

I was about start implementing our typography system tokens and noticed that I cannot, not even one.

I cannot set variables to some basic core attributes such as text-size and line-height. The worse is that our system is in REM and line-height is a multiplier (ex: 1.35 instead of 135%). This makes it impossible to implement and use variables in Figma for DevMode, as devs don’t have the much needed token names for reference.

I’m also running into issues with colors, where I cannot have an aliased color but also add opacity. I need to define the color twice (–grey-500 and --text-muted), which defeats the purpose of aliasing, which creates design debt on the Figma side.

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I totally agree. It’s still in beta, but too many features such as variables for text are missing.

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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your feedback! Variables are still very new and we’re currently working to improve them with new workflows and features based on what our community needs. We’ll pass it along to our team for consideration.

@Jonas1 : This is in our radar! While I can’t give an ETA when/ how this will be implemented, I suggest you to vote up the feature request shared by the community here: Variables on font sizes Thank you for your understanding.