Variables for gradient stops do not show within Inspect or Dev Mode

I have started to create some styles with gradients. I have assigned variables to the individual stops. However, if you look at the element with this style as a developer, the variables do not appear but only the hex values for the individual stops.

This makes little sense to me if others cannot see the variables that have been defined for the stops. Am I doing something wrong in the structure of the styles or is it designed so that you can’t see them?

Hey @Moritz_Kuether, thank you for reaching out! Let me check this with the team internally as I am unsure here. Will get back to you once I have more information on this.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

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Hey @Moritz_Kuether, apologies for the delayed response! I’ve seen that you’ve also reached out to our support team.

I’m still going to share the latest update for others here:

We’ve checked in with the Variables team who confirmed this is an expected limitation of variable use in gradients and gradient fill styles which they hope to have ready to release an update for later this year.