Variables do not update in design

I am working with a colleague and some local variables simply do not update in the design when she is entering new values in the local variables window. Some do, some don’t.

I on the other hand are able to update all variables with no issue.

Both are using latest Figma Version via App. Only difference she is working on Windows, I am on Mac.


Hey @Jannis1 , thanks for flagging this! We hear you - this must be frustrating. We’d like to have our support team investigate, you can submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form: here.

Hi there, any update on this one? We are experiencing the same issue! Thanks

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Hi @Weston_Ballard ,
For visibility, I can see in the back end that the issue was related due to a missing font. If you see a yellow A? icon:

Manage missing fonts, Manage conflicting fonts and Access local fonts on your computer might all be helpful in clearing those missing font warnings so that changes they make to the variables are reflected in the file’s text.

Still, I recommend you to reach out to the support team to have a deeper look at your file, as it may be another issue. Please contact the team by filling this form: here
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with so they can take a closer look. Thank you!

Hello, I am having this same issue with color variables. I updated all of the names and only half of them displaying the updated names on the right panel.

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Hi Team,
I am also facing the same issue. I have passed variables under my previous styles. I have created dark and light mode for all the variables.
When I switch light to dark mode in variables. It doesn’t get applied to all colors. Some colors gets changed, some doesn’t.
This behaviour is different on each page.

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Noticed the same behavior. I created a text variable, applied it to a text layer, and when the variable is updated it does not update the text layer. Fonts are installed.

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Did Figma just pull all the variable features with the latest update?


I’m experiencing this issue with color variables as well. They update just fine in the file I created them in, but those color variables do not get updated when used in components in other files (even after the file has updated all the component changes).

I’m also experiencing this issue. I just went through and re-named and re-grouped some of my token variables but they aren’t visible in the panels on the right.

FWIW – I checked for updates in Figma to see if that would solve my issue, and it said there was no updates for me, but asked if I wanted to reload all my tabs. I said yes and it seems like it’s fixing some of my variable issues… (although closing out of Figma and restarting it didn’t seem to the trick, apparently reloading the tabs will?)

I have this issue as well. I updated some primitives and even though the associated tokens have been updated in the variable menu, and even show correctly in the colour menu, the items where those tokens were applied to do not update, even in the same file. I restarted, closed and opened tabs, etc. The only way to “fix” this is by individually selecting the affected items, assigning a new colour variable, and then back to the original one…? Pls fix.


Hey Figma. Please get this resolved.

Though you make changes to variables colors in main library file.
A separate file that use that library will not update with the variant colors. Doesn’t work if you update the changes.

Only works if you bring in a new component in. Or reset the whole component. Which is ton of work.

Please fix soon.

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the items where those tokens were applied to do not update, even in the same file.

This speaks to a key issue with the way tokens are implemented: there’s a difference between “local” tokens and library/published tokens even within the file the library tokens are from.

The (EXTREMELY ANNOYING) fix for this is to change all your tokens to the library versions of the tokens once you publish the library, and make sure that going forward you’re diligent about publishing the library after you make changes to the local variables, then applying the changes you made to the global variables via the component update menu. That’s the only way to keep the two consistent.

I think this process makes no sense and hope they change it.


Same issue here. Local tokens simply not updating when flipping a page to dark mode. Library tokens working fine.

It doesn’t make sense to create a library token just for this one instance. This is a definite bug and notably impacts the usability of tokens as a whole if I can’t trust they are working properly.


This may be an annoying workaround, but reloading the tab helps me refresh the variables.

Does this bug was fixed? I have the same problem, When I am creating a new component or updating an existing one with variable, the variable disapear if I am using the component in another tab/project.

Very annoying :confused: Is there a way to fix that? I tried to refresh tab but it does not work.

Any update on this? Seems the problem persists. It is very time consuming to have to update the variables in the design manually.

Hi! I’m experiencing the same issue. Tokens updates in my library are not reflected in the design file. Is there any advice on this?

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