Variables applied to independent corners

We can apply variables to individual padding but not to independent corners. It would be great to allow it too.


You already can. It’s not as intuitive, but select your variable first, then click the “Independent corners” button. You can then select the variable for each of the four corners.


Would you mind dropping some screens to show the process? I followed your steps but can’t find the way.

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Brilliant! :smiley:

Thanks a lot for the video. It’s certainly not intuitive, but it makes the job.

One thing; it works only if we have set all our variables. Let’s say, I don’t want any radius for the bottom corners. I can’t manually select the values for those as it happens with individual paddings. That’s my issue! I would need to create an additional variable and set the values to 0. :sleepy:


Thank you for this. I was a bit sad yesterday when I thought this was not possible. Ya’ll rock

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