Variables: Ability to let 'Viewers' select color variables eg. Light/Dark

I use color variables for a labeled-website that supports different retailer themes and have Light/Dark mode.

I want QA/Dev Figma viewer users to be able to switch retailers/theme and switch between light and dark mode. I want the interface similair to what I see (as an editor) where I can select these values under the Layers panel.

I would want to select which variables I want users to have access to.


This, very much. I wonder how Figma envisions the process to handover a multi-theme design to developers, if it is not possible for a viewer/developer to change the theme themselves. Because right now, it means I would have to copy each screen and manually set it to the according theme – which is, in a huge project, impossible, as it multiplies the artboards I have to implement a change by the amount of supported themes.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback about variables on the forum! We’ll pass this onto our Variable team for consideration.