Variable cursor in prototypes

Hey happy folks!

Have you tried with Spline combined with Anima plugin?

You can have this hover effect, at least for illustrative purposes and get super creative with it. At least until Figma adds this, which I do feel could be super handy.

Here’s a video that explains Spline. I have no affiliation with any of these apps or video creator :slight_smile:

Make the most of it! :raised_hands:

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+1 - would love to be able to change the cursor. I find that during UR, users scan the page and more easily find the clickable areas in the prototype, because the cursor is changing.

I currently consider this a confound in our UR - I have been trying to add more clickable areas to represent reality more, but it makes prototyping much longer.

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Adding other existing ideas to this thread. We often show desktop and mobile prototypes in the same page and therefore do not set any device type, just the max height. This results in mobile prototypes being shown to clients with a desktop cursor which is not very realistic…


+1!! I have solid need for: upon click → change mouse cursor to custom cursor

Adding to the thread – I’m looking to record a prototype demo showing a mobile app concept, so I need the touch indicator cursor, but I’d prefer not to use a phone frame to keep it independent of any specific device. (The Android Large frame is actually pretty generic, but all the device frames require a device-specific frame size and aspect ratio.)

This appears to be a pretty standard ability among other prototyping tools, so it would be nice to see Figma fill this gap.

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Meanwhile, it would also be good if Figma can let us choose the right cursor pointer in prototype player. Having an arrow pointer for phone/tablet/touch-device mocks is unnatural. Principle has circular tap cursor.

+1 Looking forward to this hopefully being a thing!

This would be helpful, I add the device frame later when I’m making video mocks.

The way I get around it now is by setting a touch device (in prototype options) that’s too large for the design. So I get the touch cursor, but without a device eating into my screencap.

need this feature!

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+1 - custom cursor would be great!!!

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This is especially important in prototypes as default behavior for some controls should change the cursor (i.e. buttons should be arrows, not hand pointers)

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I’m surprised this still isn’t a thing- this feature would be super helpful. Currently, in these types of situations, I have to make notes outside of my prototype for engineers and make sure to bring it up when we review. This leaves more room for error in terms of translating designs to AC. The cursor currently doesn’t even change from the default arrow pointer for drag interactions (although obviously there are multiple things it could change to, so it would need to be addressed in tandem with this whole feature request).

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Any update on this feature by the way?

I couldn’t agree more. I am also working on interactions that heavily rely on cursor state to send cues to the user in term of what they can do. Right now I have to put together lot documentation to explain cursor behavior for different content types.

Hopefully this is something in the work that we can all get to enjoy soon

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Common Figma! other basic prototyping tools have this capability. Please add this for accurate affordance of interactions. Make it hard to test a UI when basic UI expectations can not be met.

Adding another voice to the mix. Our team does a lot of unmoderated usability testing of desktop prototypes, and it’s not ideal when the elements the user should be clicking also happen to be the only ones that change the cursor to a ‘pointer’ (aka ‘hand’). This signals to the test participant exactly where to click. We would love to be able to have more control over which components change the cursor to a pointer.

There is also a problem with not being able to use smaller cursors like a pointer: I recently added an embedded prototype to a website but the touch target is so big that it make the prototype IMPOSSIBLE to interact with unless you go full-screen.

+1 on this

just noticed cursor pointer no longer shows for elements that open overlay but without links


Would love to see this feature added!

this would be so so useful