Variable changes other property


thanks to the interplay of variables and components with properties, I now know how to automatically change a component to the correct viewport. But the button still doesn’t work as it should.

I’ll explain to you what I did:

First I created a local text variable for the Viewport property.

Then I created frames with the right viewports.

And finally I assigned the correct property to my button component.

But I have several properties on the component that are probably the problem. Because as you can see in the gif, not only does the size of my button change, but also its state changes. How do I solve it that only the size changes?


Heylo @Cherryblossom36! I checked in with our support team on this one, and the behavior you showing looks odd. I’ve attempted to replicate on my end, but I am admittedly not as savvy with variables to confidently provide my own advice.

To isolate what’s going on, support is asking if you’d be willing to share a copy of the flow you’re using in your own files and libraries to see if they can replicate themselves. Even if you can’t do that, they’d love to work with you and see what can be addressed.

When you have a moment, please fill out this form here, and someone will reach out: