Variable bug - making prototype restart and never load

Some of my prototypes that were working before, suddenly started to bug.
It’s a pretty simple case :
I have a component with a string variable attached on it, so it can change the variant remotely with MouseEnter interactions.
OnMouseEnter : string value changes to “a”
OnMouseEnter on the background (since MouseLeave doesn’t work on my example) : string value changes “b”.

It works for a while, after changing the variable state back and forth a few times,
this is enough to have the prototype restart and the loading never ends. Sometimes it just freezes.

I’ve had this on quite a few projects, which kind of defeat the purpose of using variables.
This is one of many examples.

@Frederic_Fornini You mentioned that this is happening on a number of your projects - are you able to share any of them with us? Support can take a look to see if there is a bug in the prototyping function, or if there may be some issue with the interactions.

If you can share, PM me your Figma account email address, and I’ll follow up with additional instructions.

This issue appeared during september 2023 and has been solved at the end of october.
I’ve sent an example showing the bug but it’s been corrected with an update before your team had the chance to fully investigate.

The problem was due to animated components on which variables were attached to change the variants.