Using the "Change to" interaction in a nested component breaks my interactions

I am using the “Change to” interaction for buttons in my left navigation for my prototype. The buttons are variants and they are placed into the left nav component. When I mouse over the buttons, I use “Mouse Enter” to show the second-level navigation which slides out on the next frame. The slide-out also has a variant component in it that will display the submenu for each of the buttons. So when the user mouses over the main left nav buttons the sub nav will change accordingly on the slide-out. If I have the “Change to” set up, the submenu will only swap out once and then get stuck on the last one. If I take the “Change to” off of the buttons or detach the left navigation from the component so the buttons are no longer nested, it works.

The video shows when I have detached the left navigation from its component. so the buttons are no longer nested.

Here are the buttons nested in the left nav component not working.

Hey there, thank you for reaching out and sharing screen recordings with us. Are you able to share a copy of your file? I can double check internally if this is possibly a bug.

Hey Yes, I can. Is there somewhere less public that I can share this with you? Also, I did not receive a notification from the forum that you replied to me. Is there something that I need to set???

Of course, would you mind sending me a DM?

Hey Gayani did you see my DM???

Hey! Apologies for the delayed response. I will reply to your DM asap. Also could you check if you can set your notification under Preferences - Notification?