Using font weights such as 400, 500, etc vs using Regular, Bold, etc

This is my first post. I did a search but didn’t find what I am looking for. Perhaps I missed it, and if so, apologies!

I am using AvenirNext for a project and I have the full family with weights such as Light, Regular, Medium, etc. The client’s site uses weights but number (400, 600, etc). Is this a setting in Figma or do I need to get another font to correctly match it? The font weights don’t translate correctly… Regular doesn’t look to the exact weight as 400,500 etc.

I would ideally like to use exactly what their site uses. Thank you for any help!

Hey Jakob!
Welcome to the community!
From Figma, this is expected that you see the weights name (Light, Regular, etc). If this doesn’t look the exact weight as the number ones from your client, the best option may be to get another font to correctly match it (or ask directly to your client to send the right police to make sure it’s the same).
Hope this helps! (There also may be other community folks that have some other tips or methods they can provide. I’ll leave the convo open in the meantime :smiley:)