User Preference to include or exclude object selection in undo

I can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed. It’s such a weird choice and there are obviously so many users annoyed with this. Just putting my vote in to make this a toggleable setting! Should be a no-brainer

Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll continue to pass this along to our team for future consideration.

I find that you get lost very quickly when the selection is included in the history. Real, important changes are lost among an ocean of selections. This process lacks intuitiveness and deviates from the standard observed in all applications, not just those related to interface design. Kindly rectify this issue.

This must be fixed as soon as possible. I really can’t see any reason why selections should be included in undo-history.
Started with Figma 8 months ago, and still surprised about many odd decisions by the Figma team.