User Preference to include or exclude object selection in undo

I was asked why I prefer to have selection included in the undo history. Here are my reasons:

  1. If you click in the wrong spot while doing a complex multi-layer selection, you don’t need to start over in Figma (drives me insane in other apps).

  2. Moving around the pages and canvas selecting different frames, then being able to easily go back if necessary.

So both of these are obviously about selection/navigation. They are not really a part of a regular undo flow.

This suggestion therefore is not really about “we need an option for that” but more about “let’s get rid of this feature but keep it as an option in case someone wants it”.

With these things in mind, I believe there is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. A popular suggestion on the forum is Quickly go to last visited page and back. It’s pretty much what I currently use Undo history for sometimes.

So I’m thinking: why not combine selection/navigation history into one thread and separate it from the undo history? This way workflows I described would still be available at all times without the need to enable/disable any options. And navigation wouldn’t disrupt the undo history. The navigation/selection back/forward actions should obviously be available with shortcuts and probably with the UI buttons too.