User Feedback - Streamlining Account Switching in Figma

Dear Figma Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share some user feedback regarding the account switching process in Figma.

While using Figma, I have noticed that the current method of changing accounts can be a bit cumbersome. Having to navigate back to the homepage to switch accounts adds an extra layer of effort, and the subsequent need to refresh or restart the app can be time-consuming and disrupt the workflow.

I believe that allowing users to change accounts directly from within a file would significantly enhance the user experience. This streamlined approach would save time and eliminate the need for users to interrupt their workflow by going back to the homepage.

I understand the importance of maintaining a smooth and seamless design process, and I believe that implementing an in-file account switch feature would contribute to achieving this goal. This enhancement would not only increase user efficiency but also align with Figma’s commitment to providing an intuitive and user-friendly design platform.

Thank you for considering this feedback. I appreciate your dedication to continuous improvement and the user experience, and I look forward to seeing how Figma evolves in the future.

Hi there,

Thank you for providing feedback! I will share this with our internal team. Your input is highly valued, and we will take it into consideration for future enhancements.