Use styles in other styles

Please implement this :slight_smile: When creating a new color style allow me the option to choose from existing color styles. This is one thing I do miss from Sketch.

I would like this especially so I can use different opacities based on the same primary color. For example if I want to make a primary color frame, and on hover I want it to become semi-transparent, I have to detach the style to reduce the opacity… I would much rather be able to modify the transparency, or indeed be able to create a new “Primary - 50% opacity” style which always uses the Primary color.

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What effect is this? Would help me a lot

It would indeed be great, if one could base a Color Style to be a tint (darker or lighter) of another Color Style. Changing a theme would be so much easier with that extra relationship.

Using a layer’s Fill opacity/transparancy to at least achieve lighter appearances, looks initially the same but is not effective when using elements with such a setting on other backgrounds. Adding white or black layers underneath is a workaround, but not very practical or structurally elegant.

Popular software like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign have always been supporting the dependency of lighter tinted Swatches on a base color swatch. It would be great if Figma would at least offer the same approach, and even go beyond this by offering darker tints as well !

Most designers are not sure how to define the separately and scientifically calculated values for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness/Lightness in the HSL/HSB settings, to reflect the brighter/lighter/darker perception of a color.

I would love this for text styles as well!

I believe this request is obsolete since we now have variables.