Use inverse of Boolean variable to show/hide layer

This has been mentioned here:

I am looking for the availability to HIDE a layer when a Boolean variable is TRUE and SHOW it when it is FALSE. So, the inverse of the default/current behavior. I want to do this without using components.

Use case: When a variable is true, show one frame. When that same variable is false, show a different frame.

I can get basically this by using two different variables:

but it would be more convenient to be able to do it with just one. Just give me a Boolean toggle when the variable is used to say if the variable should be inverted or not.


Thanks for sharing your idea! we would like to gauge the reaction of other members in the community. We may consider it for future enhancements!


I think it’s useful

I have a checkbox that turns the container on and off on the layout.
Right now I have one variable used to switch the checkbox and the other to display the container

For example:
clicked on the checkbox - the jackdaw is enabled, the container is hidden
, clicked again - the jackdaw is missing, the container is shown

Currently, 2 variables are used for this. I really want to be able to see when the layer is displayed: if true, if false

It seems to me that you had something similar. Maybe it can be simplified somehow? I will be glad to help!)

Frame 5
Frame 5

I am building a fairly complex app.
To manage the state of the panels, I rely on the Layer Visibility with booleans. I have to set up almost every booleans twice, like:

  • is_EditModeActive?
  • is_EditModeInactive?

Then I need A LOT of conditional branching and twice the amount of “set variables” to achieve what I need.

A simple custom variable defined like is_EditModeInactive? = !{is_EditModeActive?} or a simple “boolean inverter” while right-clicking the “Eye” icon at the Layer level will make complex work WAY easier. Now it’s a nightmare for advanced prototypes.


Would like this too!

This would make prototyping a lot simpler!