URGENT: Authentication code upon login

I have a work account on Figma and I need to do a password reset, however, when I click on password reset, these are the things that occur:

  1. Clicks on reset password
  2. Email is sent to my work email with password reset link
  3. I click on link to reset pw
  4. I enter new preferred pw twice, including the confirmed pw
  5. Next screen, I see a text field asking me for the authentication code

Now here’s the issue.

  1. The code is not sent to me, to neither my work email nor to my mobile phone
  2. Therefore, I cannot enter the authentication code in order to proceed
  3. When I click on send sms, an error message appears to say that I need to enter an email address
  4. But what can only be accepted in the box is a numeric value which is the authentication code which I never receive.

Things to note:
In my logged in account (which password I can’t rmb hence I need a reset), I have indicated both my mobile and email in the 2FA.

If you have a 2FA function and it does not trigger nor send out the authentication code, then how do I proceed with resetting my password or disabling the 2FA, etc?

The staff I wrote in to via support keeps telling me to reset my password but she is missing the point that the system does not auto-send the authentication code to neither my mobile nor my work email.

Can someone from Figma please enlighten me? I need the reset so I can access it on my work laptop, which I currently cant login because I need to do a pw reset and the current pw is not correct.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Marjory!
Sorry to hear this is happening! To protect your privacy, it’s best if you can change the account settings on your end. Many users are able to self-resolve this issue by trying the following:

Check all browsers and apps used to see if you’re still logged into Figma:

  • If you’re still logged in, you can remove 2FA settings from your Figma account settings. Please scroll down to the “Remove two-factor authentication” section in our article: Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

If you can log in with Google:

  • You can sign in with Google to bypass the 2FA process. Please go to https://www.figma.com/login and select the “Continue with Google” option.

Your account’s 2FA code is generated by an app:

  • The apps you might used to set up 2FA could be: Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy, or 2FA. You can read more about this option in Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). If you haven’t already, please make sure your 2FA app is installed and up to date. If you have trouble installing the app or accessing the authentication code on your app, please reach out to that app’s Support team.

If these options don’t work, please let us know which steps you have done. You can request that Figma Support removes 2FA from your account manually through our identity verification process by filling this form here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

(Please note that we can’t guarantee you’ll pass this process and we handle these requests with care. The process on average takes 2-5 business days. Thank you!)