Updating files from Library does not always work as it should


My setup is a Library file containing all components, and then a few files where I do the actual designs.

When I make a change in the Library, I open each file and update it from the pop up that appears whenever there are any updates applicable to the file.

Sometimes, when I update, the file does not get completely updated or updated at all. So I have to click on Assets from the top left corner, then on the book icon (Library), then Updates, then update all.

It’s super irritating because it happens way too often, if not always in some cases… :tired_face: It’s too many clicks that should have been avoided by simply clicking on the Update on the pop up when I open the file.

P.S. Sometimes, when I open a file, it will not even tell me there is an update that I can apply until I do the steps described above - then suddenly it tells me there is an update that can be applied. :confounded:

How can I fix this? Or are any others experiencing this as well? :thinking:

The only reason I can think of that could explain why not all your local files don’t get the “updates available” toast is that those files aren’t using any components or styles that you modified.

Does that sound plausible to you? It’s hard to know without more details about your set up :sweat_smile: If you don’t mind, having some more context about your file set up and publication habits would be helpful:

  • How often do you publish?
  • How “big” (in terms of number of components impacted) do your publications tend to be?
  • How many local (non-library) files do you have?
  • How much material is in those local files (pages, total layer count, whole-page mock-ups, prototype flows, etc)?


My set up consists of:

  • Fonts and colours file (where I store all font sizes and colours)
  • Components file (where I store all buttons, modals, and all components I use in designs)
  • 13 design files which have the Components file set as a library

How I work:

  • I have both the Components file and a design file opened
  • I make changes to the Components file and then instantly update the design file

The issue occurs exactly in this situation, so the design file opened 100% contains the components I have made changes to. So that is not the reason.

Answers to your questions:

  • All the time
  • This is always different as I sometimes only update molecules (buttons, fields etc) and sometimes organisms that consist of multiple molecules and other components. Sometimes, I’d update a page that consists of organisms (that consist of molecules).
  • 13 all connected to the Components file. They all update, besides when I have to manually update or trigger the update (as described in my original post).
  • It’s different in each design file as each design file is based on a page from our product. Each page from our product has a different number of features. So some files are big, some are small, and some are in the middle. Size is not part of the issue, as it occurs on files of different size.

My very best bet is that whenever I make a change in the Components file, then swap to a design file and click Review (on the update popup), I click Update a little too fast, before all updates can be loaded on the list. Therefore, I think that only the updates that managed to load before I clicked on Update are applied, while the rest are not registered as applied since they could not even load in the list of updates.

Another proof of this is that when I update a design file, close it, open it again, I get a pop up to update it again.

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Here is a video recording of what happens: