Unwanted white space when scrolling in prototype

Hey Figma community,

I’ve created a prototype of a website on Figma and when I view the prototype, I have an endless amount of white space above the frame where I want it to start.

Can anybody help me out?


The empty space above the header is due to the “Button” component. This component is in the screen frame and is positioned well above the header. Drag the “Button” component outside the frame and play the prototype.

I came across the same issue and saw the solution you proposed here, which is very helpful and solves the “unwanted white space” at the top of the prototype.

However, by not having the unwanted white space at the top, somehow it creates another interaction glitch when I click to expand and collapse my accordion components (at the bottom of my page) :frowning_face: It no longer retains the scroll position, but instead, for a nanosecond, it would scroll the page all the way to the top, before it anchors to the bottom of the page.

I tried troubleshooting it and the only way to get it to retain the scroll position is by keeping that unwanted white space at the top.