Unable to set correct Spring animation duration through API

Hi Figma,

I’m adding Spring animation support to Prototyper transition.easing.type = 'GENTLE', 'QUICK'...

But I find that the transition.duration field does not respect the value I assign to it.

For example:

When I set transition.duration to 0.2 (200ms) in code, the field is set correctly i.e. to 0.2. But in Figma’s Interaction Modal, the value displayed is 1200ms. When the prototype is played, the interaction also plays at 1200ms.

This behavior is unexpected. And the relevant API documentation do not describe how to accurately set spring animation duration.

Can someone help me understand how to implement duration correctly?

Hey @figma team, any update or eta on a fix for this issue?

cc @miggi @jak_e

Hey Aashrey, it’s in the queue. I dont have an estimation of timeline on it right now, but can definitely come back to this thread when i have updates. Thanks for your patience!

Context for anyone else: we’ve been talking about this in Discord, have reproduced the bug and are working on a fix.

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Checking if there’s been any movement on this :raised_hands:

Waiting on this fix to support Spring animations in Prototyper :slight_smile: