Unable to scroll through mobile menu on phone?

I created a mobile menu with an accordion but when I expand it I’m unable to scroll down through the menu on my cell phone in safari. The frame is in auto layout as well but even when the accordion drop down is closed the frame won’t scroll down. All other auto layour accordion menus work on the phone except for frames of this size. The menu appears cut off but I can scroll through the other pages which are longer frames. Is this a safari issue? I just find it strange that the other work with their sizing.

I appreciate all the help everyone has given me on here and I apologize for so many questions lately!

Figma File:



First off, no need to apologize for asking questions. That’s exactly what this community is for!
Second, any chance you can share a link to the file so we can take a closer look at the layer structure and properties you have set?


Just saw this! Let me know if this works. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Thanks for sharing the link! Unfortunately, I don’t have ‌access to it. Would you be able to share the fig file or change the permissions so we can take a look? Thanks!