Unable to play embedded video in Prototype

I’ve built a prototype (Frame 1) that that uses the “on-click” interaction to pop-up a new frame (Frame 2). In Frame 2 I’ve embedded a video. The video also has an “on-click; play” interaction assigned. It will play the embedded video in design mode, but in presentation it will not play on click.

When linking the video to an outside page (YouTube) it plays, so at least that interaction appears to be functioning appropriately in presentation. I also added clickable play buttons outside of the embedded video in Frame 2, and those also would not play in presentation mode.

The video is under 30MB, and I’m designing with a Professional account. I tried it a few different ways: 1) embedding the video saved to the laptop, 2) embedding the video by pasting the YouTube video link in FigJam and then bringing it over to Figma, 3) embedding the video saved to Google Drive, and again with iCloud.

Is this a known constraint with prototypes or is there a setting I’m missing somewhere? Thanks!

I’ve tested a setup as you described on my end but was able to play a video in presentation mode with a on-click interaction. Are you uploading a .mp4, .mov, or .webm format video as outlined in our help center video doc here?

Also when you note you’ve embedded the video, are you using a third party plugin or you are uploading/ adding the videos straight to the canvas? Can you share a short video outlining the issue you are seeing on your end?

The video is inserted into a shape, not using a 3rd party plugin. It is .mp4. I’ve attached screenshot of the setup. Unfortunately, uploading a video isn’t working right now.

Re-placing the image appears to be playing on-click, instead of changing the shape fill to video.