Unable to place multiple images in frame due to Auto-Layout/Clipping

The image above (highlighted with purple square) is what I am trying to achieve. I set the frames to Absolute Positioning and reduced the image size to make them identical to the images in the “goal” frame but I cannot get the images to fit in the new frame.
I removed Clip Content on everything I could and even moved the Footer frame so that it would not interfere.
What am I not doing correctly here. Thanks in advance!!!

You might want the height of the selected frame set to Fill instead of fixed?

Hey Bryce,
Thanks for the quick reply. I tried doing that as well. I’m sure there is an order of operations issue that I am not keeping with but when I change the height of the Image Frame to Fill, Figma changes the height of the parent container automatically to Fixed and vice versa.

Hmm, can you screenshot some of the settings on the one that is working like you want? Or you can just try duplicating the one that works and then just replace the fill on those two images.

Unfortunately, the file that I am trying to copy was done with Keynote. Though it was much easier to do in that software I know this software will definitely help my abilities to take my designs to another level. I will work on gathering some screensots

Increase the fixed height of your “Content” auto layout

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This was resolved. I had to drastically change the size of my image fills and change the settings on the frame surrounding them. Thank you for your time.