Unable to move project to another team

I’m trying to move a project from one team to another.

  • I am a member (editor) of both teams
  • Both teams are under the same organization
  • I have starred the project I want to move so that it appears in my Figma left navigation (so I can drag it to the new team)
  • When I drag it, I receive the error dialog “Unable to move project” - “Projects set as view-only cannot be moved between teams. To complete this operations, enable team edit access for [Project Name] and retry”

Correction I am an ADMIN for the project’s current team, and I am the OWNER for the new destination team.

Same question

Can you try to drag a file directly to a different project to see if that works? If that does not work could you clear your cache and try again, maybe on 2 different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc.). Alternatively I’d recommend contacting support, they will be able to investigate here further. Hope this helps!