Two fixed elements isn't working when presenting - BUG?!

So, I am trying to have the Nav Bar and this Button to be fixed on the screen, the Nav Bar is fixed to the bottom of the frame and the Button is 16px above the Nav Bar.

What I found out so far is that the Nav Bar works, by setting fixed to the nav bar ALONE. But when setting fixed to the Button alone, which is just a little bit above the Nav Bar, it doesn’t appear when presenting. So, then I thought hmm, what if I put both the Nav Bar and the Button in a group and set the group as fixed? Nope, that makes both the Nav Bar and the Button disappear when presenting.

So, what I concluded is that having both of the elements not in a group, only the Nav Bar works as fixed and the Button doesn’t and when both of the elements are in a group, none works.

FYI, both of these elements are components and I did try just making the button just as a new fixed normal rectangle and not even that worked, please help…

Hey @David_Bishop any chance you can share a copy of the file here? It should be possible to have both of these fixed.

You just want the file, you don’t want me to share the link with you? Actually, it’s telling me “Sorry, new users can’t upload files” lol. Could I message you privately and give you the link somehow?

Sorry yeah I meant a link to the file. And yeah feel free to PM me. :slight_smile:

Alright so I think what is happening is that the frame within the design needs to match the size of frame set in the prototype. So you have “android large (320x800)” set for the prototype size but then the frame height is larger than that across the different screens. So the button was being fixed but was showing below the view of the prototype.

The fix is to se the frame height to 800 and make sure all the things that need to scroll have their constraints set properly (e.g. top-left). Then from there you can set the button and nav to fixed and it should all work as expected. :slight_smile:

Hopefully that makes sense, but will also send a screen recording in our PM.

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