Trying to export A4 frame with design on top, but not able to!

I created a book, and each page is an A4 frame. There’s the design on top, and I wanted to connect the pages to choose the other of the book. For some reason I’m able to connect only some specific pages, and other ones I’m not able to do. How can I easily use the designs I already made, and save all in one pdf in the order I want?

Important: I also realized that when “grouping” the design with the frame, I’m unable to connect them. So even when not grouping, I’m still not able to connect the frames. All design are on top of the A4 frames.

Hi @Mel_Mattos, how do you connect the frames you manage to connect?

For exporting the PDF you have two options:

  1. Create a new page and paste there all the frame you want to export. Then from the File menu click on Export frames to PDF.
  2. Use a plugin like Super PDF to select the frames you want to export right from the canvas and choose how you want the pages to be ordered and sorted in the final PDF. You can try it here: