Trying to create a Glassmorphism Design, the Prototype is lagging extremely

I want to create a Glassmorphism like Design in Figma. Therefore I am using a mixture of overlapping Gradients and different Effects (Layer Blur, Shadows, etc…)

As soon as I open my prototype it is lagging extremely. I connected my frames with smart Animate and move in move out, but I only get a Power Point like slide show…

Any experience with that?
Already tried to clear my cache and my File Memory is only at 8%

Hi there,

Thanks for your post. It’s true that using the blend mode can sometimes lead to issues, though there’s no single cause for this.

One common issue could be due to having many styles (like fills and strokes) set to the ‘Multiply’ blend mode. If you’re not familiar with blend modes, you can learn about them here:

You might already know this, but it’s worth mentioning that such complexity can slow things down. If it’s possible for your design, simplifying it might help. Alternatively, a quicker fix could be changing these styles to ‘Normal’ or ‘Pass Through’ blend modes. This might reduce the delay you’re experiencing.

I hope it helps but please let us know if the problem persists!