Trying to add one item to multiple carts

I’m new to prototyping with variables, and cannot figure this out: I have one screen with two people on it. The user can press an add button under each person which opens up a new screen where they can select what to add. When you click an item on the add screen, it shows up in the person’s cart on the cart page.

I cannot figure out how to make the items show up on just one person’s cart and not both of the carts.

Each person has their own mode and I tried making two “add items” pages each with their own mode applied.

Does anyone even have any tutorial recommendations that are beyond the very basic cart idea that everyone has done?

Hi Zoe, Thanks for writing in!
I’m searching for tutorials about two separate carts for you, but haven’t had much luck so far. So I’m reaching out internal team to find the best approach.

I’m not sure if I am understanding how you switch modes on this page, but modes allow design to change when used in a different context.
For instance, string variables can be used in contexts such as language localization, and color variables can be used for light and dark modes.

You can find more details here:
Additionally, this YouTube tutorial might be helpful:

Thank you,

Hey, Thank you for your patience! I discussed this internally, and it seems like you might need to create separate carts for each person to add items individually to each cart.
I understand the video below might not be exactly what you were hoping for, but I just wanted to share an idea.

Hope it helps! If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let us know!